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The Obailcoon


Øbail (born March 5, 2001 [age 15]) is a male Australian YouTuber who makes anti-feminist and anti-SJW content. He creates similar videos to that of Naked Ape, and Black Pigeon Speaks.


He's known by very few, but while this is the case, there's a large amount of evidence (if you trace the Tweets) on Twitter of him starting the "Devil's Advocate drama ". 

He's spoken with Bearing, alongside Undoomed on Twitter, and received generally positive feedback on his videos, with the exception of them noting that perhaps he was too harsh on the feminists/SJWs he reacts to in his videos.

He began, for beginners, reacting to random pro-feminism videos he discovered on the Internet, but later enough branched off to discuss politics and the uprising of political correctness amongst everyday social life and government, of which he firmly opposes. 



Channel link: Here

Twitter account: ThePurpleDevil9

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