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Sarah, also known as 42believer, has an anime review show on YouTube known as 42 Anime Reviews, but also does discussions on manga occasionally, and anime rants, as well.  

Worked for other people

Sarah was a member of the anime podcast J-Taku for a while, but after J-Taku was dissolved, while most of the J-Taku members went over to Podtaku, Sarah was one of the two "Taku" members, along with original Podtaku member Jean, to leave the podcast in 2015.  

Good Friends on YouTube

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  2. BakaShift(Alain)
  3. Ninouh(Jimi)
  4. Full Circle Reviews(Kenneth)
  5. Fiction Reviews(Conor)
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  1. Anime Reviews
  2. Anime Rants
  3. Manga Featured
  4. 42TWW Anime
  5. Five Things
  6. Other Uploads

Videos/Podcast She's Guest Starred In

  1. J-Taku(until 2015)
  2. Mangapod(one episode)