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5210studios is a growing YouTube sketch comedy group with over 158,000 video views since its recent launch. 5210studios is known for their Nerf Wars videos, as well as their "Accident" series.

5210studios is comprised of three main members: Connor Tkachuk, Cody Lehman, and Luis Dejesus. Between the three members they collectively run 3 channels with various themes. All channels have 250,000 video views.

Member backgrounds

Connor Tkachuk: Born in Calgary, Alberta and raised in Edam, Saskatchewan; Connor saw an interest in film-making at a young age, shooting his first documentary in the 8th grade. Connor is currently studying Education at the University of Alberta, but has plans to pursue a career in film during the summer of 2012. Recently, Connor has launched a series entitled "the show." on his personal YouTube channel acousticize.

Luis Dejesus: Born in Wetaskiwin, Alberta and raised in Camrose, Alberta; Luis showed an interest in music at a very early age. Outside of 5210studios Luis plays bass in a Journey tribute band, while working at a western clothing store.

Cody Lehman: Born in Camrose, Alberta and raised in Camrose, Alberta; Cody met Connor through a mutual high school friend. Afterwards, the two of them became great friends and briefly ran a YouTube series known as CCTV (or, Connor & Cody Television), wherein drunken recordings of the two would be adapted to video and released weekly. The series gained quite a following in Alberta, leading to a fairly successful Facebook fanpage in dedication to it.

Confirmed Projects

  • Nerf Wars 3
  • Nerf Wars 4

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