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APC227 is a male German stop-motion YouTuber born on September 25, 1994 in Germany. He creates stop-motion tank videos on World of Tanks usually or parodies of it. APC227 started off as an ordinary YouTuber and did nothing but watch other users. After looking upon other stop-motion animators; pizzamovies, spugesdu, & metalzora, he decided to start following their example, becoming the now known APC227 and the most successful tank stop-motion on YouTube! The mascot of his channel is a blue and white M1A1 Abrams named Major Rodeschild, a main character from a game called Seek and Destroy (a.k.a. Shin-Combat Choro-Q) whom he came to love since the game first came out in 2003. The Abrams usually appears in a few of his videos along with a couple of other characters from the game. All of his tanks and vehicles he creates are created through buying kits and building and decorating each one of them into a Seek and Destroy Character or a normal modern day design. His favorite tank is the M1A1 Abrams. Not much is known about his personal life and information.

List Of Subscriber Milestones

APC227 Hit 25 Subscribers On April 18, 2013.

APC227 Hit 100 Subscribers On August 27, 2013.

APC227 Hit 500 Subscribers On September 26, 2013.

APC227 Hit 1,000 Subscribers On November 12, 2013.

APC227 Hit 5,000 Subscribers On April 20, 2014.

APC227 Hit 10,000 Subscribers On December 7, 2014.

APC227 Hit 20,000 Subscribers On January 15, 2016.

APC227 Hit 30,000 Subscribers On December 24, 2016


  • He is a Sony loyalist.
  • Despite that German is his main language and Polish his second making English his third language.
  • He does not speak in his videos, but uses a british electronic voice and sound effects.
  • He is affiliated with LunaHydreigon(active); who is a gamer and animator youtuber.
  • His voice and face are currently unknown as he choses to stay anonymous at this time.
  • He is infamous for his massive explosions and Team Fortress voices.
  • Due to how much effort he puts into the video to create HD stop-motion videos, his videos are released once per month or whenever he has time to post one.
  • APC227 has a World of Tanks account located here and War Thunder account located here.
  • The exploding Maus and "Player Disconnected" Panzer are commonly found in his video.
  • APC227 is a big fan of Mass Effect.
  • His official artist appears to be LunaHydreigon who has been creating most of the art and graphics since of late 2015.