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Robert Scott Fisher (born May 23, 1987 (1987-05-23) [age 30]) known as APLFisher or APL is a YouTuber/Twitch Streamer that is well known for highlight videos of his streams called Stream Snacks, and his popular video-searching web series, The Youtube Game. As opposed to YouTube, he livestreams nearly everyday on Twitch, mainly playing CS:GO. Robert has shown many times in the past that he is a rip off of the much better streamer/youtuber Hutch, while also living in Mr. Sark's shadow on a consistent basis (This is very impressive due to Robert's large stature). Robert is also known for playing pubg, and being declined to be a participant in the pubg partner program (See quote below).


Robert on Mr. Sark's show, inbox, one of the last times he was relevant.


A picture of Robert while still working at Machinima.


Robert attempting to garner new followers on twitch.

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