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ARTV (short for Album Review TV) is a music review channel that was started in 2009 and still continues to this day. The reviews are hosted by Jonathan Compton

The channel reviews mainly alternative, pop, rock and electronic realm, and has garnered quite a bit of popularity amongst fans of those genres as video reviews of these artists are fairly scarce.

The channel place sixth on the Top Ten Music Critics on YouTube (2015) list done by the popular channel.


Album Review TV was founded to review albums that Jon enjoyed in 2009. It wasn't until 2011 when the channel became highly serious, with Jon starting working a lot harder to make the channel of high quality.

By the end of 2012, the channel had gained 2000 subscribers, although found trouble being stuck in a contract with a company that was doing nothing to support the content creator. This led to the decision for ARTV to branch out so he could continue to create content and making a living out of music.

As a result of this, the YouTube channel BeyondARTV was created in early 2013 where Jon would go beyond the reviews, and review singles, discuss music news and updates, and announce breaking news in the music scene. Soon after the launch of BeyondARTV, he managed to talk his way out of his troubling contract and become an independent producer like he previously was.

From there an independent website was launched during late Winter 2013. The site is currently going through a revamp and is inactive, with the plan for it to be back up online by Spring 2016. The website is being designed by Nate Clonch.

In 2013, ARTV had gained over 5000 subscribers, with BeyondARTV reaching 1500 subscribers. As of 2015, the channel has over 20,000 subscribers.

ARTV has planned for 2016 to revamp many things such as the independent website and also the graphics for social media.


BeyondARTV is a subchannel of ARTV that was created on January 25, 2013 that currently has 6,900+ subscribers. Whilst the ARTV channel is mainly for reviews, the BeyondARTV channel has a variety of video types that Jon feels don't suit what ARTV was for.

Video variety ranges from reporting/updating on the latest news in the music scene, top seven lists for various topics, movie reviews, concert reviews to problems the creator has with a particular band.


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Big Sean - "Dark Sky Paradise" (Album Review) ft. The Needle Drop

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Taylor Swift - "1989" (Album Review)

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