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AT88TV is a YouTuber from Glasgow who started on YouTube in December 2010 as AaronT1888. He specialises in Parodies, TTS Videos and Randomness.

Birth as AaronT1888 (December 2010)

Aaron's first channel, AaronT1888 was founded in December 2010, as his first crack at the almighty YouTube. It closed in March 2011. The channel specialised in Vlogs and random crap. He uploaded one video but people criticized it, as he supposedly spoke with an Americanish accent in it. It was seen as a failure and Aaron got ridicule rather than praise. The channel was shut in March 2011 to be replaced by another channel, ATTVScotland.

ATTVScotland (April 2011)

His second go at YouTube was ATTVScotland. This did get subs but not a lot of them. The channel was founded in March 2011 and it was closed in July 2011. The channel's aims were similar to its predecessor. This channel was shut in July 2011 as it failed also, to be replaced by AT88TV a month later.

AT88TV (August 2011 to present)

AT88TV was founded in August 2011 and it's his current main channel. The channel's aims were different, as it is a TTS/Parodies channel, specialising in computer technology and text to speech videos.

It is the home of PCParodies, a popular computer parody show which has over a thousand total views between the two series it has run on the channel. A third and fourth seasons are in the works.


PCParodies is a popular computer/technology parody show by AT88TV which started in November 2011. Two seasons of the show have aired on the channel.

MS Sam reads Funny Windows Errors

Since he started YT, he had a fascination with TTS (Text-to-speech) videos, like the ones made by Thunderbirds101. In December 2011, he started making his own TTS videos and started a series, Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors. The series is an uncensored language comedy series where people can send in their own "errors" to feature in the show. This series has become popular, like PCParodies.

The channel has been deleted as of 2018 and his social media profiles have been set to private.

His views on SOPA/PIPA/ACTA.

After many websites "blacked out" in outrage of the new piracy laws in the US and Europe. AT88TV has made it clear that he doesn't support these laws, citing that

"Freedom of info and speech must be maintained"

He believes that the world will be making a massive mistake, if these laws are passed.