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I'm the most honest asshole you'll ever fucking know.

―Adam Buckley

Adam Buckley (born August 4, 1981 (1981-08-04) [age 36]), known by his YouTube username A Dose of Buckley, is a Canadian YouTuber from Ontario, Canada. He is most commonly known for his anger towards general society and his ability to be comedic simultaneously. Best known for making the "Top Ten Worst Songs of 20xx" and "Musical Autopsies" series, he also has various non music-related segments, such as "Advice No One Asked For", the eponymous segment "A Dose of Buckley", and "Scumbags of the Internet."

Buckley has stated several times that he is not a YouTuber but a comedian who "uses YouTube as a way to deliver content". He has also started another segment titled "Buckley's Tweeting Rainbow", where he makes light of the tweets of contemporary rap and hip hop artists. His YouTube channel has over 100 million views.


ADoseofBuckley was started as a website in late 2009 by Adam Buckley. Having few visitors on his website, Adam Buckley set up his own channel on YouTube, though he does not refer to himself as a YouTuber. His first "Worst Songs of 20xx" video, for the year 2010, now has over three million views. After all the popularity, Buckley started to take his views on new topics, created new segments, and used new styles. He also does parody commercials.


Adam Buckley has mentioned a multitude of times in his videos that he works in radio. Sometime around February to November after his video "How NOT to Get a Job in Radio" he was promoted to Program Director of his station in addition to garnering praise from the radio business.

In the Summer of 2012, Buckley was employed by the "London Rippers", his town's local baseball team after someone saw his first video on the team. He was employed as a PA announcer. Due to a lack of popularity and several other factors, the team folded after only two seasons. In his “The London Rippers Fold” video, Buckley expressed annoyance at the loss of his summer job, but was seemingly more annoyed at the townsfolk who deemed the name inappropriate.

Recurring Video Series

  • Musical Autopsy - A series where Buckley reviews songs or their artist (2010–Present)
  • Top 10 Worst Songs of 20xx -A series where Buckley counts down the worst songs of the year (2010–Present)
  • Advice No One Asked For - A series where Buckley answers advice for people who are not asking him, but he does it anyway (2011–Present)
  • Scumbags of the Internet - A series where Buckley finds shitty people on the internet and expose them for who they really are (2012–Present)
  • Buckley's Tweeting Rainbow - A series where Buckley reads tweets from famous rappers. He deviated from this premise in 2015 to mock tweets from Directioners who were overdramatic about Zayn Malik's departure from One Direction. (2013–Present)
  • Plenty of Pricks - A series where Buckley reads perverted/ignorant texts from bachelors (2015–Present)
  • Bad Head - A series where Buckley reads news headlines and makes a one-off joke about them (Created in 2010 but it is unclear whether the series will continue or not)

The Ten Worst Songs of 20xx

The Ten Worst Songs of 201011:56

The Ten Worst Songs of 2010

The Ten Worst Songs of 201115:40

The Ten Worst Songs of 2011

The Ten Worst Songs of 201223:43

The Ten Worst Songs of 2012

The Ten Worst Songs of 201324:21

The Ten Worst Songs of 2013

The Ten Worst Songs of 201430:09

The Ten Worst Songs of 2014

The Ten Worst Songs of 201528:48

The Ten Worst Songs of 2015

The Ten Worst Songs of 201627:09

The Ten Worst Songs of 2016's "TopX" Series

Top 10 YouTube Comedy Channels

Buckley didn't rank in this episode, but was given an honorable mention. He has expressed hatred for WatchMojo and their repetitive top tens several times in response to comments on his videos.

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