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Ashley (born on August 2, 1998 (1998-08-02) [age 19]), known on YouTube as AcidCrafted and commonly referred to as Ash or Acid, is an English Gaming YouTuber with over 3 thousand subscribers. Ash's videos consist of trolling, rants and comedic gameplay videos.

Mostly Ash plays modern games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty... Normally blending in with most gaming YouTubers Ash has a unique style to his content. They can be weird, or just stupid, but you're most definitely going to catch a laugh while watching his videos. 

Ash is also a part of Retro Rampagers, a channel made by TheMarioDude1 and Planet Awesome 11. Retro Rampagers is a channel that hosts "Duo Let's Play" content, and Ashley has his own show called Ash's Bash. 

Even though Ash usually talks about modern/mainstream games, he also has a soft spot for the Retro side. With his favourite console being the Nintendo GameCube.