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What's up guys? It's Afro Gamer!

―Afro Gamer

Vlogger Gaming BritishIcon MaleIcon YouTuber

Afro Gamer (born July 22, 1996 (1996-07-22) [age 20]), also known as AfroGamer, is a, young, mixed race YouTuber from the UK. He is known for gaming and vlogs on YouTube.

Early life

Afro Gamer grew up in North London in a place called Wood Green. Afro Gamer has always had a love for video games since he was a young boy. His first ever console was the Game Boy Advanced SP he got for his 6th birthday. The first game he ever got was Mario vs. Donkey Kong (GBA) as mentioned in one of his early videos.


Afro Gamer is mixed race, has brown eyes and black hair.


Afro Gamer currently lives in the city of London, in a small apartment with his friends. Afro Gamer is half Turkish Cypriot and half Jamaican. His Dad's side of the family are from Cyprus and his Mom's side of the family are from Jamaica but both parents were born in the UK.


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