What's up guys? It's Afro Gamer!

―Afro Gamer

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Afro Gamer, (born September 7, 1996 (1996-09-07) [age 21]), is a British YouTuber and Activist from the U.K.

He is known for his gaming videos on YouTube as well as having his own personal blog. Afro Gamer is also an Activist who campains primarily against racial discrimination in the U.K. 

Early life

Afro Gamer was born in the UK, in the City of London and grew up in the London Borough of Camden. Afro Gamer has always had a love for video games ever since he was a young boy. Due to AfroGamer being an only child, he didn't have much friends his own age to talk to. As a result of this he turned to gaming as a form of comfort.

His first console was the Game Boy Advanced SP, which he got, as a present, for his birthday. The first game he got was Mario vs. Donkey Kong (GBA), as mentioned in one of his early videos. Since then, his pasion for video games grew and later moved onto a wider range of platforms; such as Xbox, Playstation and PC.

Appearance and Ethnicity

Afro Gamer is mixed-race and naturally has brown eyes / black hair. Afro Gamer is primarily Afro-Carribbean and Eastern-European as well as being partly Latin-American and East-Asian. Afro Gamer's mother was born in Moscow, Russia and moved to england at the age of 13. On the other hand, his father, having Latin-American, East-Asian and Afro-Carribbean heritage, was born in the UK.

Current Life

Afro Gamer currently lives Hertford​shire, just outside the City of London, in an apartment with his fiance. He is currently studying Computer Sience at the University of Cambridge.


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