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AlphaOmegaSin (born: February 14, 1980 (1980-02-14) [age 38]) makes videos on YouTube discussing various topics within the world of gaming. He does "rant videos", videos that feature him discussing whatever he feels is threatening the gaming world. In addition, he does pick-up videos showcasing recent purchases that are gaming related. He also does let's play videos where he plays through a game and does commentary throughout and unboxing videos where he will open up and show what's included in limited and collector's edition sets and many other types of videos.

The Hate Bit Podcast

Besides AlphaOmegaSin, the Hate Bit Podcast features Razorfist, Yellkaos, and The Sainted Magnus, three other YouTube gaming personalities. Their podcast covers a range of topics such as all things games, movies, music (namely metal), comics, and anything else they find entertaining.

List Of Subscriber Milestones

AlphaOmegaSin Hit 5,000 Subscribers On August 6, 2011.

AlphaOmegaSin Hit 10,000 Subscribers On November 25, 2011.

AlphaOmegaSin Hit 25,000 Subscribers On May 11, 2012.

AlphaOmegaSin Hit 50,000 Subscribers On December 1, 2012.

AlphaOmegaSin Hit 75,000 Subscribers On March 26, 2013.

AlphaOmegaSin Hit 100,000 Subscribers On June 8, 2013.

AlphaOmegaSin Hit 200,000 Subscribers On February 16, 2014.

AlphaOmegaSin Hit 300,000 Subscribers On March 8, 2015.