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Anastasia May (born on January 15, 1995 (1995-01-15) [age 23]), also known by her YouTube username AnaAvenge, is an British YouTube Celebrity, model & hair, fashion and beauty vlogger from London, England. She gained a following originally from her hair tutorials, however since has moved on to vlogging. Her channel currently has over 90,000 subscribers.

About Edit

Ana roughly uploads weekly videos, however is not on a strict upload scedule. She often makes videos with her friend Alisha (AlishaaRawrr) and has made several videos of gatherings she has attended, featuring YouTubers like VeeOneEye , LukeIsNotSexy and DrewIsSharing

Modeling Edit

Ana has worked with several photographers including Frances Sales and Chris Lordan, mostly working through the modeling website , and can be contacted through there. Most of her work can be found online, including on Instagram and Flickr. She often uploads videos of her shoots on YouTube.

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