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Andrew Andrzej Zacharewicz (born July 1, 1986 (1986-07-01) [age 31]) known as AndrewITstyle is German YouTuber.

Personal Life Edit

andrewITstyle was born in Stettin (former german territory). Moved to Berlin (at that time West-Berlin) when he was 2 months old.

Graduated from Technische Universität in Berlin (Information Technology) and Freie Universität Berlin (North American Studies, Organizational and management skills, Allgemeine Berufsvorbereitung).

YouTube Edit

The main idea for his YouTube channel was to show that IT engineer can be a normal cool person. In April 2015 the main idea was changed. The new content is Travel, Lifestyle and sometime IT.

Username Edit

His username comes from: Andrew from his name. IT from IT-engineer. and style from lifestyle

Series on Channel Edit

The main series are: Travel (devided into parts for each place), IT (vlogs about technology), Vlogs (many other vlogs), Daily vlogs (short vlogs - common white boy/girl), FFD Fast food diet (fast food tests), Events (videos from events and parties), About world, In city, Vlogmas, Challenges, Bloopers

History of collabe Edit

  • From July 2016 to December 2016

andrewITstyle made videos in collaboration with BloodBento channel from July 2016 to December 2016.

Andrew met owner of BloodBento channel - Yuki on YouMesse 2016 in Berlin at July 8, 2016.

It was a start of good friendship and big collabe between channels.

They made videos in challenge and event series.

They went together to 2 events: VideoDays 2016 in Koln and VideoDays 2016 in Berlin/Brandenburg.

To have success in collabe people from both channels should work together and be responsible.

Unfortunately in this collabe only andrew was thinking about Youtube in professional way.

They went together to London to take second job, but also work together on channels.

At Dec 14, 2016 Yuki left Andrew in middle of night (about 2.00am) in London Docklands and went back to germany by bus (through Victoria coach station). But before she made a big drama, which was possible to hear even in Westminster.

The official reason was 'i'm too far away from home. there's too many people in London for me. that's your fault.'

Relation between Andrew and Yuki was good frienship & collabe.

Unfortunetly when Andrew ask her for anything (things which he likes & make videos) she always said 'you're pushing me. don't ask. i'll do this myself.'. It was totally unfair.

The only reason that Andrew didn't make suicide is support from friends.

Friendship and collabe ended at Dec 14, 2016.

  • Now Andrew is looking for another person to collabe between channels.

Trivia Edit

  • The main language is english.
  • andrewITstyle is a partner of Maker Studio MCN.