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Alright and welcome back...

―AndrewArcade's intro

Andrew Garcia (Born November, 25) known as Andrew Arcade on YouTube is a gaming channel created on January 10, 2011. Andrew has had another channel named Andrew1UP which he has recently discontinued. Andrew is known for his daily livestreams where he streams The Sims(s) games, Minecraft and much more. Andrew has a pet Pomeranian Dog named Mikko. Andrew's favorite food is Pizza and his favorite number is 15 (presumably since he was born on the 25th and created his channel on the 10th.)


Andrew is a Mexican lets-player living in California. Andrew's most favorite games are The Sims and Persona 4. Andrew's most favorite Sim character is one he made named Destiny Thornberry AKA 118. Andrew is also gay, he has stated on his FAQ page on his website.

List Of Subscriber Milestones

  • Andrew Hit 2,500 Subscribers On May 25, 2012.
  • Andrew Hit 5,000 Subscribers On July 15, 2012.
  • Andrew Hit 7,500 Subscribers On August 18, 2012.
  • Andrew Hit 10,000 Subscribers On September 20, 2012.
  • Andrew Hit 20,000 Subscribers On January 30, 2013.
  • Andrew Hit 30,000 Subscribers On April 21, 2013.
  • Andrew Hit 40,000 Subscribers On June 22, 2013.
  • Andrew Hit 50,000 Subscribers On August 17, 2013.
  • Andrew Hit 60,000 Subscribers On December 7, 2013.
  • Andrew Hit 70,000 Subscribers On April 21, 2014.
  • Andrew Hit 80,000 Subscribers On September 2, 2014.
  • Andrew Hit 90,000 Subscribers On September 20, 2014.
  • Andrew Hit 100,000 Subscribers On December 6, 2014.
  • Andrew Hit 110,000 Subscribers On April 6, 2015.
  • Andrew Hit 120,000 Subscribers On December 20, 2015.


  • ''Alright and welcome back...'' Andrew's current introduction.
  • ''Alright and welcome to the start of my let's play of...'' When Andrew starts a new series
  • ''I'll see you all, next time...'' Andrew's Outro
  • ''Hello there...'' Andrew's First Introduction
  • ''... So I'll see you then!'' Andrew's First Outro


  • Andrew used to have a channel named HeadButtArcade which he deleted due to depression.
  • Andrew is homosexual.
  • The only reuploaded series on Andrew's channel is The Sims 3 yet it seems it was for AndrewArcade and not HeadButtArcade.

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