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Andrew Hunt (andypandy311) is a Canadian stand-up comedian who presents oodles of his jokes in a different video every week. His style of humor is very deadpan - meaning that he shows no change in facial expressions when delivering a joke. Some may find him awkward, as he stares into the camera after making a strange joke or yelling at the camera. He often talks about how ugly he thinks he is, although his fan girls beg to differ. He isnt for everyone, as most dumbbutts wont understand his intellegent style of word play, double puns, and obscure references. Dumbbutts and fartbags who watch Andrew's videos will be offended because he strongly dislikes dumbbutts and fartbags and clearly shows it. His jokes are told with background music, mostly jazz and salsa, and the music stops when he says something strange (which is all the time.)

List Of Subscriber Milestones

Andrew Hit 250 Subscribers On January 4, 2011.

Andrew Hit 500 Subscribers On January 20, 2011.

Andrew Hit 750 Subscribers On January 22, 2011.

Andrew Hit 1,000 Subscribers On January 23, 2011.

Andrew Hit 2,000 Subscribers On February 27, 2011.

Andrew Hit 3,000 Subscribers On April 2, 2011.

Andrew Hit 4,000 Subscribers On May 26, 2011.

Andrew Hit 5,000 Subscribers On June 1, 2011.

Andrew Hit 6,000 Subscribers On September 6, 2011.

Andrew Hit 7,000 Subscribers On September 27, 2011.

Andrew Hit 8,000 Subscribers On September 27, 2011.

Andrew Hit 9,000 Subscribers On September 27, 2011.

Andrew Hit 10,000 Subscribers On September 28, 2011.

Andrew Hit 15,000 Subscribers On October 26, 2011.

Andrew Hit 20,000 Subscribers On January 25, 2012.

Andrew Hit 25,000 Subscribers On May 5, 2013.

Things to do BEFORE I DIE!!!

Things to do BEFORE I DIE!!!