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Hello ladies, gentlemen, and beyond. How are you guys doing today?

―Anima's Intro

Elhora, better known as Anima Gaming, is an English-American YouTuber who uploads mainly gaming videos and occasionally vlogs.

On her first channel, Anima mainly uploaded Pokémon battles; it grew slowly since its creation in 2014. In May 2015, she created her now main channel, Anima GAMING, which grew rapidly in late 2015 from 1,000 subscribers to 20,000 in only 9 months.

Anima is known for creating videos on a variety of game genres While she posts serious gameplay series such as Life is Strange, she also posts comedy videos and gay dating simulators. For example, her series on the dating simulator Coming Out On Top is a significant part of her channel.

Please do some filthy things to that like button, share it with your friends, share it with your mum, and get her to return my calls...but absolutely, most importantly, take care of yourselves, and I will see you soon, my friends. Buh-bye!

―Anima's Outro

Personal life

Elhora grew up in a "sleepy town in England," born to a Filipino mother and an English father. After a long distance relationship with her now wife Lesley, Elhora moved to the US, and lives in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

Elhora is openly gay and married to a woman, which factors a lot into her videos and comedy. Anima and Lesley were married on April 13th, 2013.

She studied art and psychology at university. She draws frequently and uploads her drawings to Twitter.


- Anima's nickname comes from the summon from Final Fantasy. The word Anima has many meanings, but the most likely inspiration for her name is Jungian psychology – where anima means the feminine traits in the male psyche, which is confusing but could be related to her being a lesbian.

- Anima cuts and styles her own hair

- Anima was born in Manilla, the capital of the Phillipines

- Elhora is half Filipino

- Anima had a long distance relationship with her wife for a long time before moving to the US and getting married

- Anima's favorite food is tuna and rice with Kikkoman soy sauce

- Anima has a tattoo on her left forearm of a crescent moon; she says the reason for this is that she loves the beauty of the moon

- Anima's favorite video game is Dark Souls, and her favorite series is Mass Effect

- Anima studied Art, Psychology, and English at University.


- Maybe we wouldn't have wars if everyone had butt plugs in their bums.

- YouTube is serious, Mum!

- Officer, I have an erection!

- Don't tell my wife!

- We're gonna call him... Schween... McPenis.


-I got studs on my belt, I got bollocks on my shins, I'm Ready!

-Check your watch, it's cute o'clock.

Photos and Videos

SURROUNDED BY BEAUTIFUL MEN! Coming Out On Top Gay Dating Sim26:56


THE MIRACLE OF LIFE Natural Child Birth Simulator06:36

THE MIRACLE OF LIFE Natural Child Birth Simulator

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