Anime YouTubers are YouTubers who make videos about Anime, a term for Japanese animation. Some also choose to make videos about animation from other countries inspired by anime/in the anime style, such as Avatar: The Last Airbender, but this tends to be looked down upon. The current most popular anime YouTuber is Misty Chronexia, with well over 1 million subscribers.  

Types of Anime YouTubers


Episode/Chapter Reviewers

One of the most popular types of anime YouTubers, episode and chapter reviewers are YouTubers who review individual anime episodes or manga chapters. Some of the most popular of episode and chapter reviewers are Sawyer7mage and Forneverworld, and to a much lesser extend Chibi Reviews, Uberhikari, and KingofLightning.  

Full Series Reviewers

Full series reviewers used to be popular back in the day, but have taken a back seat to episode and chapter reviewers in recent years. They take an entire series of an anime, or occasionally a manga, and review it. They've become less popular these days becuase of how much harder they are to make than episode and chapter reviews. Some of the more popular full series reviewers included Arkada from Glass Reflection and Anime America.  

Analytical Reviewers

Analytical Reviewers are the least common type. They are the ones who review anime going in depth into every tiny little detail. Some, such as Ninouh, prefer to talk solely about visuals, while others, such as ThatAnimeSnob, prefer to talk solely about writing, while others, such as Mother's Basement and Digibro, prefer to talk at length about both visuals and writing. There are also annalytical reviewers who talk about chapters and episodes as well, such as Uberhikari and Otaku ASSEMBLE, but these are even more less common. 

AMV Makers

Probably the most common type of anime videos on YouTube, and have been so almost since the website's conception, these YouTubers make music videos out of pre existing anime and music of their choosing.  

Most Popular/Well Known Anime YouTubers