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Anthony Brian Logan is an American YouTuber that calls himself a "Common Sense Conservative". He brings viewers the news and gives his opinion on it afterwards.


Logan was born back somewhere in the 80's-to early-90's, and grew up in Virginia. After college, he started his own buissness as a graphics designer for posters, buisness cards, T-Shirts, etc.

In his 100,000 Subscriber Q&A video, he talked about his past, and why he got started on YouTube.

Upload Types

Logan holds a Live Show at least once a week on a random day of the week (usually Wednesday's), where he takes calls on Skype from viewers and answers the audience's questions. The shows usually last at least an hour to an hour and a half.

He uploads at least two times a week, brining viewers the news, then giving his opionion on the video's main issues.

Political Stance

Logan is a self pronounced "Black Conservative" who follows the idea of "Common Sense Conservatism". He has stated in videos past that he used to be a hard Line Democrat, before he switched parties and joined the Right.

Callers-in on his Live Shows usually compliment him on his style of giving video of the news he will talk about, then give a clean commentary of the topic, not forcing viewers to mold their views to his own.

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