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Arbiter 617, or just Arby, is the creator and owner of Black Plasma Studios. He currently animates the game Minecraft, and used to create HALO podcasts. His characters are the Derp, the raw fish and the Old Man. He animated Spider Attack, Don't Touch, Farm Hunt, Skywars, Skywars: Mega, Skywars Hacker, Blocking Dead, 20 Ways to Die in Skywars and Mystery Warfare.

Appearances in Animations 

Arbiter appeared as the main character in his first animation, Spider Attack. He blew up his house to get rid of a spider.

He was a racer in TurboKart Racers.

He had a part in Farm Hunt.

He was teamed with RoA Nitrox in Skywars. He died first, attempting to pile but getting snowballed off by Abraham Animations and SpaceBuddy17.

He was teamed with Sam Small in Survival Games. He was set up to be a major character, but soon got shot in the back by Lynna.

He was the main character of Skywars: Mega. His teammates are Eagle Empire , RoA Nitrox, Sam Small and the Derp. The first three die quickly, so Arbiter and the Derp team, and are going steady until Derp sacrifices himself to save Arbiter from Herobrine. Arbiter, Hypixel and Herobrine fight, but Arbiter wins the game.

In VampireZ, he was swarmed by zombies whilst looking in his book.

In SkyDerp, he is snowballed off by Derp while looking at the hacker. This is the only time the Derp is vicious to him.

He has a small part in 20 Ways To Die In Skywars.

In Tea Time, his body is floating in the water.

He appears in BPG highlight videos.

In Blocking Dead, he is on the plane with the Derp at the start. Later, he gives Derp chicken nuggets and wields two pistols. When Derp is presumed dead, he heads into the police station with Head Scientist and Snuggle. He dies in there to zombies and a Parakeet and Derp cannot kill his zombie, so the Old Man sacrifices himself to kill Arbiter.

In Build Battle, he doesn't try as his partner, RoA Nitrox, builds a bridge instead of a house.

In Murder, he hides. Later he mourns for the Derp, until the Old Man attacks and he, Sam Small and SpaceBuddy17 , along with RoA Nitrox and Crazy Turtle, are soon slaughtered.

In Mystery Warfare, he ventures Into a portal and Entity 303 gets out. Later, Arbiter survives and steals a hot air balloon to bring the Carpenter and the Delivery Man to stop him.

In Galaxy Wars, he is a rebel and dies first (although he does survive quite long).

In Don't Touch! he is in various scenes.

In Paintball Warfare by NinjaCharlieT , he makes a lot of cameos.