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Tony Chen, or ArcadeGo is an American gaming YouTuber and an owner of a website with video games. ArcadeGo has now over 1.3 Million+ Subscribers, and his one of the fastest growing gaming channels ever.


ArcadeGo channel started making videos in 2012. He was mostly uploading Plants vs Zombies gameplays and a few Angry Birds gameplays. He was famous for playing random online games. He becomed really famous in 2014, When he started playing A lot of people found about him. He now mostly upload, Plants vs Zombies and Angry Birds gameplays.

List Of Subscriber Milestones

Tony had hit 1 million subscribers on November 17, 2015.


  • ArcadesGo's real name is Tony Chen. His birth date and face reveal are still unknown.
  • He's known for his, Plants vs Zombies, Angry Birds and Hungry Shark videos.
  • He also streams on Twitch.
  • On Plants vs Zombies Wiki's discussion, there are theories that he is using cheats for Plants vs Zombies.
  • He is a partner with Machinima.
  • He owns three websites and YouTube channels of the same name :, and
  • He has over a billion views on ArcadeGo.
  • On one of his livestreams (with commentary), we can hear somebody else right at the beggining.
  • ArcadeGo is possibly married (since he has kids, can be heard here )

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