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Archolime, the screen name of 12-year-old Silas, is an American Minecraft commentator noted for his obsessive love for horror games and random face cam videos. He currently has over 4,100 subscribers on his YouTube channel. He originally ran a Slender: The Eight Pages video, which contained him trying to beat the game, and later got into [1] Archolime's YouTube Channel Avatar Minecraft. His most known video is actually a camera video that he filmed when he fgot bored called "Trying the Brofist!", a simple video in which he tried the Brofist on his camera. He is also well known for a series titled Slender the Arrival, a series in which he plays with Slender the Arrival, the sequel to Slender:The Eight Pages and eventually beats it after 5 episodes. for Minecraft. He is currently doing a series on "TheWitch's House" , a series in which he plays the new indie horror game, "The Witch's House". He is good friends with SpeedyGameing, titus berry, and RedstoneExperiments and confirmed that he would make a video with TheRavenFT, the Minecraft minigames playing channel of RavenfootPS3. On February 7, 2015 Archolime posted a video stating that he was done posting videos on the channel and said that he needed a fresh start. This channel will remain up as an archive

Minecraft In Real Life

Minecraft In Real Life is a series where Archolime attempts to theatrically produce a rendering of how Minecraft would be in Real Life. The camera angles are done by SpeedyGameing and Archolime's brother. The series currently has 2 episodes.


On a Skype call with Archolime, I once asked him why he joined YouTube. His reply was that he saw people play horror games and Minecraft on YouTube and he wanted to try it out because he thought it was fun. (He's also socially awkward and doesn't seem to interact well with society) When asked about having previous channels, he admitted to starting out on the channel SonderaStalnaker, but changed over to Archolime when he decided to get serious with the YouTube concept. His old channel, SonderaStalnaker, was a mix of a character he invented, Demon Sondera, and his last name, Stalnaker.

What else does he do?

DeviantArt : The Dark Artist

Founder of CyanPasta and CyanPasta wikia. : Archolime

Silas cries in a corner daily about how he can't make any friends.





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