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ArkhamNetworkProductions is a North American Minecraft Gaming Channel who is run by the ArkhamNetwork and Mc-Legends minecraft server owner, Serayne92 (Christopher). He took a huge step at making his own YouTube Channel on March 29, 2015. With his first 2 videos, he received over 700 subscribers. Each video at no less than 1,000 views.

He gives away $100 Buycraft vouchers for special people who like and subscribe to his channel on every video. His minecraft servers are and He became very famous for his first videos about a minigame that he plays on Arkham Network called Ultra Skywars. His servers are at the top of their game creating more minigames and gamemodes based around your feedback! So what are you waiting for? Go check him out on YouTube and on his servers! We will see you there!

Websites and Prizes

His minecraft forum websites can be found at and

If you comment your minecraft name, like the video, and subscribe to their channel, you are in for a treat if you are lucky to get a $100 Buycraft voucher to redeem on his minecraft servers!

Events on the Channel

When you join Serayne92's Teamspeak server ( if you play on either of his servers, rumor has it that he might choose some special lucky Members or Staff and tell them to participate in his videos on his Recording Channel!

Serayne will once in a while join MC-Legends and will do videos on that server, but he mostly does his videos on his main server ArkhamNetwork.

List of the Channel's Series

-Skywars with Serayne and Friends!

-SG with Serayne and Friends!

-Serayne92 and Trigger1221 play Skywars! (No Longer Being Developed)

-Serayne92 and Trigger1221 play SG! (No Longer Being Developed)

Trigger1221's Resign

Trigger1221 was a member of ArkhamNetworkProductions who was participating in videos with Serayne92 until May 3, 2015 where Serayne92 announced on his ArkhamNetwork website that Trigger1221 left the channel due to his own reasons. We will never know why he left the channel, but knowing that he will not be returning. Serayne92 also announced that he will continue making videos for the YouTube channel and will keep giving out buycraft vouchers for years to come, but will be on his own doing solo and cooperative videos on ArkhamNetwork and MC-Legends.


"This is my koala face, you wanna kiss it? Mwah!"

"Im here with more Arkham Fags!" (he doesn't mean to call the players fags)

"F*** Yeah!"

"I don't know how to count..."

"I don't really know anymore..."

Awesome laughs (listen to it in his videos)

Mating calls (listen to it in his videos)

"No, you're Muslim..."

"Who's gonna get f***ed today?"

"You're an idiot" (he sometimes types this in the chat)

Serayne92's Skin