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Arumba (born: Jesus Martinez Johanson) is an American gamer that primarily plays Crusader King's 2 and Europa Universalis 4 among others, and is known for his love of min-maxing and organization. 


He has multiple singleplayer series in Crusader King's 2 and Europa Universalis 4 such as "Khan of Khans" (CK2) and "Barbaric Brandenburg" (EU4). He has also recorded singleplayer series of Factorio, Endless Legend, Endless Space, DOTA 2 and Galactic Civilization . He is one of the most well - known YouTubers in the Paradox niche.

Arumba also has multiplayer series even though his variety is quite limited. His most popular multiplayer series is EU4 multiplayer which he plays with Northernlion, MathasGames and Quill18.

He was born in Michigan, and worked in the insurance business there during early adulthood. He now lives in Florida with his family.