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Asalieri is a vlogger, ranter, and self imposed "biggest internet bully" who has been around since 2008.  Over the past several years he has made name for himself on YouTube, for better or for worse; he called himself the "biggest internet bully," because of how many people considered him to be a troll and/or a hater back in the day.  After his original channel was deleted he created Asalieri2, which is the channel that he currently makes videos on today.  He's good friends with fellow YouTube user TOGProfessor, as well as, until early 2016, Hellsing920.  Today, Asa is most well known for ranting about modern day feminism and social justice warriors and how stuipid, idiodic, and hypocritical that he believes them to be, but also his show Review a Reviewer, or RAR, in which he reviews a poor internet critic/reviewer, and criticizes them in commentary form.  He also has a popular series on his channel called Masterpaint Theatre, in which he takes either a fanfiction story off the internet, or a real life sob-story of sorts he finds laughable off the internet, and makes fun of it by drawing a poorly drawn stick figure character and having him narrate the video.  And the final popular video he still makes to day is called Kickstarter Nightmares, which is a once a month show where he pulls several laughably stupid kickstarters off of the kickstarter website and discusses in a video why he thinks they're so laughable and stupid.  And finally, as of late 2015, he started a let's play-ish show called Hopefully Gaming.  At the end of each year he does his annual Whenverthehell contest, in which his viewers can compete in a video reviewing contest, having to follow the rules he presents in the introduction video.  


Kickstarter Nightmares

Social Justice/Feminism Videos

Review a Reviewer (RAR)

Masterpaint Theatre

Hopefully Gaming


Good Friends on YouTube

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  1. TheDoubleAgent
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Former Good Friends on YouTube

  1. Emer Prevost (Hellsing920)