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Vlogger MaleIcon YouTuber

Martin Malý, better known as Ati, a vlogger from Prague, capital of Czech Republic. On YouTube operates from May 1, 2012 and now holds the 17th place in terms of number of customers in Czechoslovakia. Before the canal was still AtiShow channel AtiVlog who now serves as Ati's secondary channel for vlogs twisted his cell phone. His vlogs or sketches are usually made ​​funny.

List of the Series

  1. Tagy (Tags)
  2. AskAti (Videos where Ati responds to questions from fans)
  3. Vlogy (Vlogs)
  4. AtiCalls (The records of skype calls with fans)
  5. SH!T Vlog (Random vlogs)
  6. AtiShow (Themed vlogs)
  7. ReAKCE (ReACTION - Sketches based on the responses of different types of people)
  8. AtiTalk (Podcasts)
  9. AtiLive (Livestream record)
  10. Akeče (Sketchs)

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