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AudioTech is a YouTube channel created in February 2014. Originally created by Sam, it also features the talents of Billy and Stephen, with Dom taking part occasionally. Also a founding member, Josh has since departed from the core of the group. 

Spyro The Dragon

Original Run: 2/13/14 - 4/9/14

Commentator: Sam

The first Let's Play on AudioTech, Spyro the dragon is a platformer in which spyro must collect gems, save dragons, recover stolen dragon eggs and defeat gnasty gnorc. Spyro The Dragon has six homeworlds, five of which host five levels.

Pokémon FireRed

Original Run: 4/14/14 - 8/26/14

Commentators:  Sam, Billy

About five days after the end of Spyro the Dragon, the next series began. This series was controlled by a new addition to the team, Billy. Pokémon FireRed followed HahaDix (Based off of the Green Bay Packer Ha Ha Clinton-Dix) on his adventures through the Kanto region. This series lasted over 50 episodes full of nonsense, such as trolling Fox News, Fence Antics, Crimea, and Political Incorrectness. Seen in retrospect as a turning point for the channel, this series established a working core that survives today. While production struggled toward the end of its run, FireRed is significant due to the evolution in ability and technology as the series progressed.

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage

Original Run: 8/31/14 - 10/22/14

Commentators: Sam, Josh (epidsodes 9-28 only)

Following a power struggle, Billy ceded his control of the channel to focus on solo projects. This resulted in Sam doing most of the game alone. Around episode 19, one can finally meet Josh, who fed onto the craziness of explosions, death, stereotypes, more death, fails, and the cranking of the headset.

Pokémon Emerald

Original Run: 11/1/14 - 11/30/14 and 12/30/14 - 2/12/15

Commentators: Sam, (Billy for Select Episodes)

Pokemon Emerald is the second Pokemon series and is full of just as many problems as FireRed. Just like its predecessor, the protagonist made no sense. His Name was Ichquan, Ichquan is a kid who had just moved from the German ghetto and is on a quest to outdo a 10 year old girl, his mediocre father, and disabled friend. Billy also returns as guest commentator to join in fighting the oppressive elite four ruling class and the capture of a frozen Vaporeon and the angry abominations of Andrew Carnegie.

Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics

Original Run: 12/1/14 - 12/25/14

Commentators: Sam, Josh

Mario and Sonic is the 5th play-though to be completed on the channel and is sandwitched in between two stretches of Pokémon Emerald. This was done to fit the series' release in for the Christmas season. Mario and Sonic ran for 25 days, usually playing 2 games of each event. During the series, score was kept between Sam and Josh, as well as how many times Sam could mock Josh for acting Canadian.

Oregon Trail

Original Run: 2/23/15 - 2/27/15

Commentators: Sam, Billy

Oregon Trail is the sixth, and shortest, series on the channel. Its main purpose being to add on five more episodes to give the 200th video more meaning. In this short Let's Play, Sam, Billy, Josh, Stephen and the Fanbase venture out to Oregon on a insane wagon that will crash, burn and drown people, only two will make it... but which two?

Pokémon Platinum

Original Run: 4/3/15 - 4/11/15 and 5/11/15 - 06/24/15

Commentators: Sam

In the third Pokémon game played through on this channel, viewers can watch Conan O'brian battle the annoying Piers Morgan, Justin Bieber fans who live in Seattle, and Men who hate paintings. He does this in the name of evil, with Pokémon named aftar villains from Avatar: The Last Airbender in an ultimate quest to unleash chaos and ANARCHY on Sinnoh through the supreme being of evil.

Go Vacation

Original Run: 4/11/15 - 5/11/15

Commentators: Sam, Josh and Billy

For the first time, three commentators share the screen in a game that nobody on this planet, besides Josh, finds bearable. The game is an absolute nightmare and the newly acquired Elgato HD capture card breaks halfway through. People then get mad because nobody knows how to play this mess besides Josh. Sam and Billy then incite ANARCHY to make these videos watchable. Score is also kept for some reason.

Legend of Korra

Original Run: 6/26/15 - 7/9/15

Commentators: Sam

Join Sam in this solo adventure through the southern water tribe and the united republic in a game that was way too short. 

Mario Party 8

Original Run: 7/10/15-8/8/15

Commentators: Sam,Josh

Romp through the only good Mario Party on the wii. In this game, sam plays as the better mario in Luigi. Josh decides to play as the adorable green yoshi as these two play through five board straight, fresh off the end of the year testing josh is set into school mode.


Original Run: 8/8/15-8/25/15

Commentators: Sam,Josh

Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS

Original Run: 8/26/15-9/18/15

Commentators: Sam, Billy

Madden 16

Original Run: 9/21/15-??/??/??

Commentators: Sam, Billy, Stephen, Josh, Dom

Despite its erratic uploading scheadule of once a week, Madden 16 is still a very enjoyable series, every week two teams are pitted agenst each other in a sad attempt to grab the attention of die hard fans, only to pull the rug out from under them by killing fan favorites with underdogs

Mario Party 7

Original Run: 10/5/15-11/19/15

Commentators: Sam, Josh, Billy, Stephen

A new era begins with four commentators present for the last mario party on the gamecube, party vets sam and josh return with their staple luigi and yoshi respectively. Billy joins the party to play as Waluigi, and channel newcomer Stephen joins with Dry Bones. The series is full of hostilities, as sam and josh slaughter each other in determining whether apple or android devices are better

Sonic Adventure DX

Original Run: 11/20/15-1/13/16

Commentators: Sam, Josh, Billy, Stephen

Following the end of Mario Party, the channel took on its first Sonic game. All four commentators entered the series with high hopes, however the only interesting parts were with Sonic. Tails was mediocre at best, knukles was a collectithon, amy way uncanny jokes about greg hardy, Big was full of stupid 4chan references, and E-102 was just rudimentary Josh mocking. By the end sonic city is underwater and everyone runs away, never to return this turd of a game.

Mario and Sonic at the 2012 Olympic Games

Original Run: 1/14/16-??/??/??

Commentators: Sam, Josh, Billy, Stephen

Pokemon Battle Revolution

Original Run: 2/23/15 - 2/27/15

Commentators: Sam, Billy

Super Mario Sunshine

Original Run: 3/1/16 - 06/27/16

Commentators: Sam, Stephen, (Billy and Josh for select Episodes)

The Last Airbender

Original Run: 6/28/16-12/29/16

Commentators: Sam, Billy, Stephen

Mario Party 6

Original Run: 8/25/16-9/30/16

Commentators: Sam, Billy, Stephen, Dom

Sonic Adventure 2

Original Run: 10/1/16-??/??/??

Commentators: Sam, Stephen (Billy for select episodes)

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Original Run: 11/24/16-6/14/17

Commentators: Sam, Billy, Stephen

Mario Kart: Double Dash

Original Run: 1/22/17-1/30/17

Commentators: Sam, Billy, Stephen, Dom

Rocket League

Original Run: 1/31/17 - ??/??/??

Commentators: Sam, Billy, Dom

Luigi's Mansion

Original Run: 2/4/17 - ??/??/??

Commentators: Sam, Billy

Super Smash Bros: Melee

Commentators: Sam, Billy, Stephen, Dom


Commentators: Sam, Billy