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Zach Letter (Born November 24, 1990)known as AviatorGaming is an YouTuber who plays Minecraft and is well known for his two series, Bro Code and Nerd Wars who is also married to Halei Letter. He also has a second channel called AviatorGamez and a third named AviatorDoesThings.

Biography Edit

A He currently lives in Seattle with his brothers & keigan letter & BigMacNation,Jobless Garret Bashurverse, AshleeMarieGaming, his wife, and ClaraBabyLegs he is friends with BurtGasm and MlgHwnT and ItsCib. His series Bro Code is where Aviator, Big Mac, mlgHwnT (creator of Wild Adventures) and Burt (plus some guests like Kuledud3, Adam and Chimneyswift) survive as a team with usually Zach as the leader. He is a friend of SkyDoesMinecraft and is featured in some of Adam's videos. Nerd Wars is a game show where Minecraft YouTubers compete to get money for charity and in the finale of each episode they parkour in tough ways but whoever gets the farthest wins.

His NEW friend ZexyZek also has a game show it currently has 1 episode with Steve and Zach. Zach lost to Steven since he had the lowest score. He returned fighting Ashley who lost against Bodil40. He lost again to somebody for the 2nd time. He is also starting to make videos with other YouTubers such as TheSebdroid and AcheronStudios.
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