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Zach Letter (Born November 24, 1990) known as AviatorGaming is an YouTuber who plays Minecraft and is well known for his two series, Bro Code and Nerd Wars who is also dating a girl named Megan. He also has a second channel called AviatorGamez and a third named AviatorVlogs

AviatorGaming is also a member of the ProperDummies and the ProperIdiots, where he plays with 7 other YouTubers.


He currently lives in Dallas, Texas, USA.He has lived previously in Los Angeles, California with his brother BigMacNation, his wife Haley, JoblessGarrett, Bashurverse and ClaraBabyLegs, in Seattle, Washington with his brother BigMacNation, and in Wisconsin in the BAHMLounge(BAHM standing for BurtGasm, Aviator, MLGHwnt, and BigMacNation) House with BurtGasm(a.k.a. Joshua Burt), Burt's Girlfriend Shelby Lyles, his brother BigMacNation(a.k.a. Tyson Letter) and MLGHwnt(a.k.a. Steven Suptic, who is now a part of SuperPanicFrenzy and SourceFed). Haley and Zach later divorced since things did not seem to click. He ended up dating megan. Haley is currently not dating anyone. She might be but havent announced that she is dating anyone else.He also has a unannounced Youtube channel that is not linked with his channels.