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AwesomeAlanna (born July 11, 1990 (1990-07-11) [age 27]) is a YouTuber from Brisbane, Australia. Her YouTube career began in 2010 making lip syncing videos on her former channel, pinkglitter1107 - the channel is still active. In 2011 she reappeared as AwesomeAlanna.

In 2015, her most popular video reached a million views.

In late 2013, Alanna's channel was accidentally deleted due to the new merging of Google+ at the time. As a result she permanently lost her, at the time, 80k subscribers and has since had to rebuild her channel - though all videos, as well as its views, were restored. In August 2015 Alanna reached 100,000 subscribers.


Alanna announced in 2014 that she is busy writing and recording a song. A song and release date are still unknown.


Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? (Cover) 2014
Blank Space (Cover) 2015
Someone Like You (Cover) 2015


  • Alanna is apiphobic
  • She suffers from endometriosis 
  • She has a younger brother named Hamish who has been in a few of her videos
  • Her parents are Scottish immigrants
  • Whilst never stating her religion, she believes in God
  • Her favourite colours are pink and purple - her least favourite is black
  • Her favourite music genre is pop
  • Alanna hates tuna
  • Alanna has two dogs named Zulu and Angel and a cat named Charlie
  • She is allergic to sea water
  • In her early twenties (possibly even teens) Alanna only wore foundation and purple eye liner - as seen in older videos
  • She has a freckle on her right hand
  • She has dyed her hair pink, blonde and red - her natural hair is honey blonde, but is often mistaken for being a ginger - she has said in a video that she would like to dye her hair rainbow
  • Alanna is a real estate agent, her first full time job since her channel began - in March 2015 she quit her job and changed jobs closer to home; but as of April she announced she moved back to her old job.
  • Robin Williams was one of her biggest inspirations
  • She cut off her hair when she was thirteen
  • Alanna remade some of her popular videos in 2015, including How To Speak With A Scottish Accent and How To Do An Irish Accent.
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Alanna Comedic Character Actress multitalented unmatched

She’s just drop-down-dead gorgeous and talented as hell. She's NOT merely a pretty face who can do vogue on command ha ha far from it. It's real through and through with substance. She's not pretending to be gorgeous, she is gorgeous, nor is she pretending to be a multitalented savnat genius Artist, she is a multitalented genius savnt Artist, simple, annd' affective. And she can toss you like a frisbee. She has great Art-VOICE and a mastered brand


inherently formed, unique, original, stunning. A master before the age 18yo she mastered her brand the very 1st time she turned on the camera. Her support-system must be art-stupid folk bc uh! ?? Why wasn't she studying in France at 13yo? This young Actress is a very serious Artist. She’s unfortunately also known to trust in lean on and adhere to billion-dollar pharmaceutical or Medical Industry letting them cut on her anytime they want and takes their chemical gut flora destroying prescriptions laced with countless cancer causing agents. This one was born to perform and I cant see her doing anything else though known as a Realtor at times as her day job I'd buy a house from her but only after she said hello, YES! !! She’s 5’ 4” with a perfect Train-stopper soft athletic bod at her fighting weight that she moves with the charisma of a Dancer and unlike flat persona in comparison Kate-vogue-Winslet she could stand side by side with DiCaprio as engaging stunning and dynamic in stage-persona and performance; unlimited range Character Actress that can intelligently crack you up to tears or as serious as a pit-bull on a bone and anything in between, proven, all brilliantly done in her masterpieces; a Singer, Dancer, a master Actress Performing Artist Celeb at 18yo. She has a goddess head, an awesome captivating intriguing speaking voice and hair to die for and when in a tailored dress causal or business cars crash and trains wreck and bees follow her like honey. Her every facial feature is far beyond kissable. She has beautiful hands the longest and shapeliest fingers and hands, move over Jane Morris, and beautiful feet to match, a rare thing!  She doesnt try to be hot sexy and she doesnt come across that way, HOWEVER at times she can be inherently sensual smokin' POW BANG BOOM in a princely  raw kind of way, she's 3 dimensional.
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introspective on an ancient MNT in dangerous Greece alone 2017

Looks, stage-persona, talent everything there is nothing in mainstream Hollywood that surpasses her RN. After getting too wet after one of Australia’s floods and very upset she boldly left for California and is RN in Northern Cali revamping her perspective no doubt of life without rain nor floods that take everything you own and that you loved. She can be as meek as a mouse and as bold as a lion who seldom ever disappoints in ways untold here but you’ve not experienced anything like Awesome Alanna, did I mention anything? How she is not singed A1 no1 has to be waning old-school Boy’s-Club politics scared to death of her like a Gillian Anderson who takes no prisoners, and most likely lack of an ace Agent/Publicist in her corner, sadly for culture, and society indeed. Several months go via social-media Jeff Lynns of ELO showed grand interest, for Jeff, he dont play, in her and as a Singer on stage with him but she has failed to respond to anyone’s knowledge. In her huge repertoire of screen-test works via YouTube distribution she holds many masterpieces OSCAR performance that will blow you away in AWESOME!
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she'll be on museum walls 700yrs from now

NOTE: Caution to those who fall in love easily, if you dont like desiring a cake you cant have you might want to think twice about being bewitched by this one bc once you’ve seen her once, well, wanting that hard can be mentally emotionally painful, yes, be forewarned? This is not to say Im speaking about her looks altogether NO. Alanna's like a 101yo in 20yo killer bod and personality with great depth of character, awarness and sharper than a two-edged-sword in wit and perspective, she's quick. She's far more than her looks if that's even possible, she has a presence you cant miss unless you're zombie dead. And her verbal and communication skills are off the sacle 10+. Like most multitalented genius savant Artists with great high awareness of a Super Hero she is agoraphobic in part and no doubt needed bc this Art Critic cant fathom her walking down a street w/out several body-gaurds as she is truely a Looker and a presence folks most likely than not gawk at open-mouthed at anytime she may step out. Beauty, a blessing, a curse. She's a Looker, she's a tornado! !!  Attempting to describe Alanna is like trying to describe a torando before it's a tornado, you feel it, somethin-s-coming described here in a radio interview buy a guest  ;  I am the one who turned Jeff Lynns on to Alanna and I've also recently done the same thing with Leanoardo DiCaprio as VIP Arbitrator is one of my past lives bc I must. This one needs acknowledged on every bus and billboard a household name, Alanna.  I'm letting DiCaprio know she's here in the way I do it not for her advantage alone but mutal advantageous career move for both. Case in point they are a perfect match on screen in size and style pricely and beloved RAD princely presnce and masters both engaging believable dynamic unlimetd ranges within the human condition. Alanna can go toe to toe with Leanoardo, I know what she can do and she's just started and stepping out 4-aces in hand√√√√. That said not one of his leading co-stars could keep up, not one. He throws it out there totally engaging beliveable dynamic in soft or hard and nothing coming back. Alanna would come back, count on it!  He'll read this before Im done bc he will want to on his own. Im very good at
Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 1.29.41 AM
what I do, too.  I wish them both the best bc RN they are, the best out there and we the People need them culture/society universally more than they need us. Let these two (2) be the People's chossen Heroes as we say not waning Corp, yes, choosing our own Heroes for ourselves and these two are tried and tested, golden!  POOF I know their chemistry could be unmatched both are masters top of their game and gorgeous in every way with princely inherent ways and unlimted. BAM! There's only one (1 couple) successful couple-Actors in films in history via The Thin Man series, move over, DAMN they should do a remake for their 1st film together The Thin Man Returns√√√√  I never miss!  GOLDEN!!


Alanna, France 2017 master all

There's been some very gifted Artists even Stars out of Australia to America but none compare to Alanna's unmatched unlimited all-round proven abilities in front and behind the camera and the camera loves her every-angle and they are many and great. She put Australia on the map in high Arts as a whole and espcially for females in the arts all ages all mediums, like her, globally and for this Art Critic no matter her evolving path today to wherever. POOF She's a Star wherever she goes and whatever uniform she may adorn. ...and yes, they're real and they're as magnificent as her works! in fact they're the best set I've ever seen on an Actress except Marilyn Monroe when she was prego in that movie wearing a see-through black nughty nightie not that I'm suggesting she get caught in that stereo-cage, but DAMN!. There was never a more truer saying that great things come in tiny packages more than Alanna at 5' 4".  

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prior UsA. Alanna 2017 Australia

In part what Alanna and DiCaprio have in common is when they come center-stage the audiance gets excited immediately like a box of Cracker-Jacks bc you never know what prize you're going to get as they are so ever-evolving unlimited in multitalent genius always forward. It cant be easy for masters like Leonardo and Mads as leading men to produce masterpiece performances with cardboard cut-out Actresses of more hype and done limited scope female Actress to play with vs a box-office hype name vs dynamic unmatched on the field famed or un-famed. Alanna is a Godsend to great leading men in the biz, you'll have no other after her. It's not logical. The other Actor I see her with is Mads Mikkelse. Hell why not all three now that would play a dynamic threesome and I'm more than confident she could not only hold her own with both but devour it and they her with plenty to play off of bc Alanna is indeed vastly multitanleted and gifted and quick strong  and unstoppable in a beloved way unseen before. When there's nothing to compare it to, then another master is born. Please welcome Alanna to the field, a multitalented multi-medium master. Like Mads and DiCaprio once you've seen one of her masterpiece performances you'll never forget her nor will you want to. And she's one of the hardest working females in the biz her focus is unmeasurable.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 6.06.24 PM copy

Alanna goes Cali native 1st stop Spa to rejuvenate 2017

Alanna arrived only recently in Tinseltown via a fairly long and arduous journey from abroad, if one can imagine. And how's the best way to spend this time? 1st stop spa, of course, probably. They dont make girls like this in the Us of A and with her they mark the mold.  What a doll what a gal! True Hollywood, born for Hollywood. I've I were Leanardo and Mads I'd snatch my agent and say there's a new girl in down I want her in my next A-list project and if we don't have one get one, immediately before anyone else does. FIrst come frst serve and Alanna is no pushover, count on that. She's way far advanced than born American Actresses,  upstairs and knows how to handle and move downstairs and you can count on that too. Dont expect a Us. response nor typical Us. outward affect she is truely different too good to be true falls short here. With what I know and that of Awesome Alanna study over two years I wouldn't hesitate a minute not a second all I have I'd invest in her even my career without question without meeting her in person prior, she is that sanctioned as a proven professional and master Performing Artist untold, w/out question. I'd give her anything she wants bc I tell it's not enough the would-be billion-dollar venues via Alanna.

May 12, 2018, multitalented Painter Connoisseur and high Art Critic, Brook Brooks/bkCENTURIES Pure_personas Tabloids



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Just the tip!


  • ==Jeff Lynns of ELO, a very serious Artist, loves Alanna and stopped YouTube from blocking her atop and intergrating into or riding his full concert soundtrack of his most famous works, personally, then later responded social media, and it's still there online in comments, he is interested in Alanna uh, must be the Irish in him I wonder does he know she's 1/2 breed Scottish and fiery!? : ==

  √ Alanna 2017 Review vs ELO awesome 

  •  An appreciated coveted icon for female liberty between the lines unstoppable; females know Secrect Agent everyday when taking over the world RN while saving starving orphans :  

   √'Secret Agentwoman' 

Venues Merchandising and Marketing 
Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 6.32.30 PM

Alanna Doll Line for every mood

Alanna Doll Line; I'm confident in my abilities and Alanna's longeity RN beyond unmatched in Hollywood nor Cyberwood: Biker Alanna; Jamaican Dancer Alanna; Motorcycle Alanna; Exotic Dancer Alanna; Cheeky Blonde Alanna with exchangable wigs and hats it cant miss everybody loves Alanna espcially lil girls wanting to bust out! ...a billion-dollar doll, move way over Barbie it's 2018


Cliff-Note Summary if that is even possible with ever-evolving Alanna

√ She’s just drop-down-dead gorgeous and talented as hell.


Presidential Notes

√ There is nothing in high Arts RN that stands center-stage with female muscle of Alanna's unmatched unlimited ablities in the biz no female beauty no female talent no female model no female Ruler, count on it as she encompasses them all in one, ..unheard of. Would I lie? I think not probably. Dont gaze upon her if you do not want to bend the knee bc you inherently will willingly. There is nothing like Alanna to date known, globally across Cyberwood and everybody loves Alanna, and she can be a real muscle when she wants but never crosses the line of inherent greatness in her works.

A princely way you know she's right bc 99.9% of the time in her works, uh, she is.

√Every moment Alanna's immage is not being flashed across the world globaly on buses and billboards 1000's are murdered via war, rape, crime and complacency is why they say the Arts are sacred bc they are. She is your Captain bc she can and bc she does, fearlessly.