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AwesomeAlanna (born July 11, 1990) is a YouTuber from Brisbane, Australia. Her YouTube career began in 2010 making lip syncing videos on her former channel, pinkglitter1107 - the channel is still active. In 2011 she reappeared as AwesomeAlanna.

In 2015, her most popular video reached a million views.

In late 2013, Alanna's channel was accidentally deleted due to the new merging of Google+ at the time. As a result she permanently lost her, at the time, 80k subscribers and has since had to rebuild her channel - though all videos, as well as its views, were restored. In August 2015 Alanna reached 100,000 subscribers.

Personal Life

Awesomealana and GFs 0

Near 30yo and only marginally employed, all her life, and with a host of mental disorders since girlhood she is 

Awesomealana and GFs3
estranged from her family. Arguably bi-lesbian she falsely markets her social reputation as the straight good-girl-next-door targeting adolescent and minor females, includes for Meet and Greets. 
Awesomealana and GFs1
 Google shut her channel down at least once for 'fraudulent business practices'. She is known for hugely disliking heterosexuals, especially males, and arguably only associates with LGBT and several GF lovers or would-be lesbian lovers and renowned for hanging in groups who are younger, and/or less intelligent. 

Alanna was born in Adelaide, South Australia. She grew up in Brisbane, Queensland, along with her younger brother, Hamish, and attended a private girls school.

At the age of sixteen, Alanna had met her then boyfriend, Alex. In July 2013, she had announced that they are engaged. They were married on 10 October 2015.

My Car Crash

My Car Crash

On the 26th of January, 2015, Alanna was driving down a Brisbane motorway, when she collided with another vehicle going through a red light at an intersection. She sustained minor injuries.

In 2015, Alanna and Alex bought their first house together. After they were married in late 2015 they moved to another house; it is unknown if they brought this house.


Alanna announced in 2014 that she is busy writing and recording a song. A song and release date are still unknown.


Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? (Cover) 2014
Blank Space (Cover) 2015
Someone Like You (Cover) 2015


  • Alanna is apiphobic
  • She suffers from endometriosis 
  • She has a younger brother named Hamish who has been in a few of her videos
  • Her parents are Scottish immigrants
  • Whilst never stating her religion, she believes in God
  • Her favourite colours are pink and purple - her least favourite is black
  • Her favourite music genre is pop
  • Alanna hates tuna
  • Alanna has two dogs named Zulu and Angel and a cat named Charlie
  • She is allergic to sea water
  • In her early twenties (possibly even teens) Alanna only wore foundation and purple eye liner - as seen in older videos
  • She has a freckle on her right hand
  • She has dyed her hair pink, blonde and red - her natural hair is honey blonde, but is often mistaken for being a ginger - she has said in a video that she would like to dye her hair rainbow
  • Alanna is a real estate agent, her first full time job since her channel began - in March 2015 she quit her job and changed jobs closer to home; but as of April she announced she moved back to her old job.
  • Robin Williams was one of her biggest inspirations
  • She cut off her hair when she was thirteen
  • Alanna remade some of her popular videos in 2015, including How To Speak With A Scottish Accent and How To Do An Irish Accent.