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AzzyLand in D.Va Cosplay


―Azzyland's Catchprase

AzzyLand (born February 23, 1991 (1991-02-23) [age 26]) is a Canadian YouTuber who owns the YouTube channel of the same name which has over 2.3 million subscribers and over 403 million views. She was one of the fastest growing YouTubers in the world during the month of November 2016.

She refers to her subs as the citizens of AzzyLand and she is known for her gaming content and vlogs. 

While not much is known about Azzys early life, old QA's from her channel state that she has been a gamer since her early childhood days. 

Rise to Fame

Azzy first gained international renown as a cosplayer. She traveled as an official cosplay guest to conventions around the world showcasing her creations, meeting fans and speaking at panels.

Her Cosplay got Azzy a lot of attention worldwide and landed her an appearance on a popular YouTube channel. At this interview she got offered a full time job as the co host of Before They Were Famous, a popular celebrity biography channel. Her job as a host led her to realize her passion and love for YouTube, and thus, she created her own YouTube channel on the side. Not having enough time between Studying to become a doctor, traveling the world for her cosplay and hosting on Before They Were Famous Azzy would post irregularly on her own channel.

On July 22, 2015 Azzy posted a video on Before They Were Famous where she incorrectly called another YouTuber, FaZe Jev, by the name of Jason Eugene Vonderhaar. This blunder outraged FaZe Jevs fans and in turn Azzy received her fair share of backlash from the video. She then in turn posted an apology video on her personal channel, to which Faze Jev reacted to.


AzzyLand "She called me Vonderhaar" Meme

His reaction was so positive that this propelled Azzy into YouTube fame and jumpstarted her YouTube career. After this moment Azzy began to post regularly on the platform and made YouTube her full time job.

Personal Life

Due to her contribution to the gaming community, Azzy was invited to attend E3. A large gaming conference held in Los Angeles. Here at a YouTube after party she found love. Her and Jordi Van Den Bussche, or as he is more commonly known as Kwebbelkop instantly took a liking to each other. Although they kept their relationship a secret for the following months, it was confirmed and leaked by John Scarce after Azzy went to visit Jordi In Amsterdam.  They have since been inseparable since and have moved in together in Spain where they adopted a cat together by the name of Zorro.


Azzy completed University with a double Honors Degree in the Bachelor of Sciences in both Chemistry and Biology. She continued her education in plans of becoming a Doctor only to discover she couldnt stand the sight of blood.


  • Azzy has a younger sister who very little is know about
  • Azzy is a PADI certified Scuba diver
  • In celebration of reaching one million subscribers, Azzy posted a video in which she apparently ran around Amsterdam naked. However reading the description of the video Azzy claims that the video was a parody and that she wasn't actually nude it was just intended for entertainment purposes.

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