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BENOFTHEWEEK is a Canadian comedy channel that mainly uploads surrealism comedy in the style of TVFilthyFrank and Cow Chop. His older video were quite basic and mainstream and weren't responded well to. Currently his new careless comedy videos are much different and received well. He is currently partnered with Maker Gen.


He owned a channel from 2010 to 2013 in which he posted a variety of videos. Some popular videos were parodies and skits that got around 20,000 views each. He made a video reacting to them on August 6, 2014. His old channel was closed due to AdSense fraud. In a deleted video he explained that his friend came to his house and logged into his account to click the ads from his home IP address causing the channel to be closed.


  • In his "MESSING WITH FURRIES + MORE AT COMIC CON" he is shown going up to a furry and interviewing them with out of context questions and slightly making fun of them. This led to many furries dislike-bombing the video and commenting to defend furry culture.
  • In his "HARASSING WEABOOS AT CONVENTIONS" video he is shown walking around a local anime convention. In a tweet on July 12, 2016 he revealed that he was told to take the video down out of privacy complaints. He later specified in deleted tweets that he was volunteering at the convention and made the video in his spare time. However, the organizer of the convention asked him to take it down in person at another convention.