Daniel Woods, known on YouTube as BanditIncorporated, is a YouTube user from Australia. Bandit described his channel as "a place for the film junkie and super nerd to get his fix". He is perhaps best known for his "What it Should Be" series of videos, where he either remakes a previously released movie or writes his own fan-version of an upcoming film.


Daniel was born in Sydney‎, New South Wales, Australia and moved to different parts of the country during his life. He became interested in comics at the age of eight after reading "The Killing Joke". At an unknown point he dropped out of college and pursued a career in web design. However, he was not very talented in this field, and instead started his YouTube channel "BanditIncorporated". He made the channel's mascot a cat because of his Australian mist cat.


Bandit's mother writes children's books, and appeared in Revenge of the Sith as the mothers of Palpatine and Padme. His father is a journalist. Bandit's sister voiced one of the X-wing pilots, but she spoke an alien language instead of English. Bandit is a direct descendant of Captain Alexander MacKenzie, who wiped out the native population of Tasmania. Bandit also has an uncle and young nephew, though he implied that he has more than one nephew/niece.


Bandit is a professional YouTuber and works on it full time. He enjoys his job very much, but presumably doesn't make much money. This is evident by the fact that he lives in a house with roommates, and mentioned having to eat $3 meals (beans on toast) at times. His channel has over 60,000 subscribers and he is working towards the silver play button.


  • For some reason, Bandit became enraged when he heard of certain creative decisions in the live action Barbie movie. I mean, it's Barbie, why does he care?
  • He once said he prefers Facebook to Twitter; but he posts more frequently on Twitter, implying his opinion has changed.
  • Bandit frequents McDonald's fast food. He refers to the chain as "Mackers" which is an Australian nickname for McDonald's.
  • Currently has a shaven head.
  • Bandit once walked out on a date after she mocked his love of Superman.
  • Seemingly, Bandit's favorite genre of music is hip-hop/rap. He apparently likes Eminem and Snoop Lion.