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Matthew Toffolo known on YouTube as Batmanmarch is a stop-motion animator specialising in Doctor Who and Batman based animations and live action films. He also reveiws Doctor Who figures and episodes; he is known for his love of the Classic series. He is also works for the Yogscast as an Assistant Editor.

Past Work: Doctor Who

  • Prisoners of the Daleks
  • Terra Nova
  • The Eye Above Earth
  • The Cyber Incursion
  • The Collective
  • The Dalek Contagion
  • Return of the Sea Devils
  • Fear of the Daleks
  • The Metal of Power
  • The Star of Stavanna
  • Plastic Treachery
  • The Beast of Stockbridge
  • The Honour of War
  • Hell on Earth
  • Shipwrecked
  • The Kingdom of Blood
  • Screams in the Darkness
  • Appreciation Index
  • Salvage Mission
  • Symbiosis
  • The Destroyers of Worlds
  • War Times
  • The Phantom of Weng-Chiang
  • Terraform
  • The Oncoming Storm
  • The Krynoid Experiment
  • Friends Reunited
  • Apocalypse
  • The Cult of Kaldor
  • Resurrection of the Cybermen
  • Rebirth
  • The Sirens of Axos
  • War Drums
  • The Treasure of Mars
  • The Gates of Elysium
  • Miller and I
  • Rise of the Time Lords
  • The Final Days
  • The Dreams of the Doctor
  • The Sontaran Quest
  • The Ten Doctors
  • The Power of Steel/ Time Sensitive

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