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Bazza Gazza (Brodey de Meur) is an Austrailian YouTuber with as of November 15, 2016, has 285,857 subscribers

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He started his channel on October 30, 2015, growing a long way from then. He now plays Overwatch for his channel (sometimes he plays other games but mostly overwatch)


He was born on February 1st (according to his twitter) and as he started YouTube late 2015, he started his twitter early 2014 of February. His first video of H1Z1 blew up (for a person's first video) for having 4,048 views. After that he started playing mainly CS:GO with his crew of other YouTubers (Please note he did make videos of other games sometimes but however most of his videos were CS:GO) However like most of his friends, he later migrated to making overwatch videos. His popularity has gained the attention of big YouTubers like Zylbrad,Saltyphish, and Muselk. He graduated college as a professional of Helix jumps and has a master at pew pew man.  Nowadays he is a runner from the hooks and currently keeps being kidnapped by a robot named  Stanley

He currently resides in Sydney,Australia.

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