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Be. Busta is an anonymous Australian YouTuber who makes horror-styled videos in what some would call a read aloud format. All his videos are of him reading aloud true (not confirmed) horror stories from either Reddit or his subscribers. Although nowadays he will most likely be posting commentaries about stories his subscribers have emailed to them. This is good though as this means the stories will be original and not on any of the other horror commentary channels! He will do the occasional celebration video when he hits a milestone.


Be. Busta's YouTube channel mainly focuses on horror related thing. You'll for the most part he uploads horror stories from Reddit or his subscribers (as said above).

In his videos he always adds images in his videos to add to the creepiness and sometimes some creepy music to add to the creepiness. His videos are of him just reading horror stories aloud. He typically uploads either 2-3 videos a week.

Personal life

Not too much is known about Be. Busta. He had shown his face before, you can see it in black
Be BUsta Real
and white on his Twitter icon. He is Australian but unknown what place in Australia he lives in.

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