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About Edit

Bea, known online as BasicallyBea, BeaTheCraftian, BumbleBea or occasionally BumblyBea is a Minecraft and variety gaming YouTuber and LGBTQ+ rights activist. She was previously known online by a different name before coming out as transgender. She lives in North-East England, UK. She is a member of the YouTube recording group Team³ along with RealSquigGames, Pip3r Games, lolalove33, Kai Ross-Best, IVexusHD and banoffee2013. Bea is also known for recording with some of her other friends such as EnderFarts, GetMadz, Terminathan and Kittaylor. She uploads daily videos on her Channel and has gained over 10,000 subscribers since then. She is also a member of the popular UHC, UHShe. Her second Channel (created for real-life vlogs) gained over 100 subscribers in the first two days of creation.

Since April 2016, Bea used an Intro made by EnderFarts. In August of 2016, Bea updated her intro to her current one which is made by Crafter Animations.

On July 10th 2017, Bea announced that she has joined the Yogscast, saying that it is "one of my biggest dreams coming true". Within the same week, she has also become an official Twitch partner and has reached 10,000 subscribers on her main channel. (From Yogscast Wiki)

UHShe Edit

Bea participated in Season 4 of StacyPlays' UHShe. Pip3r Games recommended to Stacy that Bea should join UHShe. In this Season Bea killed yammy_xox with a lava bucket, and was later killed by Salems_Lady in Episode 4 of her series. Bea is the first transgender participant of UHShe.