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Beat Down Boogie is a web-based guerilla filmmaker group based in North Carolina. The channel is well known for their parody series "Modern War Gear Solid" and "Mario Warfare".

As of July 2015, the channel has over 493,000 subscribers and over 92 million total video views.


  • Micah Moore: Creative Director, Writer, Shooter, Editor, Producer
  • Rick Burnett: Technical Director, Shooter, VFX, Producer, Music & Audio
  • Blake Faucette: Art Director, Shooter, Producer
  • Matthew Sumner: Lead Actor, Fighter Choreographer
  • Brian Lee: Lead Actor, Stunt Coordinator

Multiple other actors also show up in the team's projects.


Beat Down Boogie is best for the "Modern War Gear Solid" series (a live-action parody of Metal Gear Solid) and "Mario Warfare" (a live-action, war-style parody of the Super Mario series). In addition, the channel does coverage of cosplay at different fan conventions.