Rebecca Jane Brown (born 4 December 1992) is an English vlogger and
Vlogger BritishFlag FemaleIcon YouTuber

|Facebook name = Beckie0/143672659021353?fref=ts|other media = [ richotillomania spokeswoman, known online as Beckie0 and TrichJournal.


Brown was born in Essex, England, and has a sister named Ellie and a brother named Greg. She developed trichotillomania at a young age, though it significantly worsened as she grew older.

YouTube career

Before creating a YouTube channel, Brown had previously posted videos to Bebo. In late 2006, at the tender age of 13, she decided to create a channel and began regularly producing content, ranging from sketches to vlogs to even updates about her trichotillomania and the battle she was fighting as a result. Her videos about trichotillimania have proven to be her most popular, and she decided to dedicate a channel solely to trichotillomania content, TrichJournal; it should be noted that she still posts videos about her condition on her main channel, not only TrichJournal.

Brown has taken a photo of herself every day since the age of 14, which she says has come to record the progress of her hair loss alongside other events of her life.


Brown has appeared on BBC, ITV, and Channel 7 in the UK to discuss trichotillomania and spread awareness of the disorder.

In 2011 she was nominated for Mind's Digital Media Award for her online work, and won The Speaking Out Award.

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