Behind The Meme started uploading content the same day it was created and in less than a month, the channel already had about 50k subscribers. He uses the same way to make videos like the first one he made.


The reason of his surprisingly and almost impossible fast subscriber count is because the videos where created on the good place and on the right time, memes in 2016 were more popular than everand the topic was too interesting to not show. Eventually in less than a year he gained about 700k subscribers. 


Behind the Meme is often criticised for killing off memes, and is usually called things like "normie" and "cancer", due to his limited knowledge on the memes he explains and the jokes he puts into his videos. Other people have even made videos criticising his content.

He is also criticised for the way he makes his videos. His steadily-increasing use of sources such as Know Your Meme and Wikipedia has caused people to say that "his channel is for lazy people who can't be bothered looking things up themselves" and similar things. He is also criticised for poor usage of GIFs in every video.

In one of Behind the Meme's more recent videos, there are less suggestions for topics and more hate comments.

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