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Ethan Lewis Payne (born June 20, 1995 (1995-06-20) [age 23]), also known as Behzinga, is a British YouTuber who gained popularity from being a member of The Ultimate Sidemen. Behzinga is currently the smallest channel in the Sidemen group, having 2.8 million subscribers with 370 million views.


Ethan is best known for his uncontrollable laughter at almost everything. He is often the butt of many a joke when with the Sidemen, usually involving homosexuality. It is uncertain as to whether Ethan is actually attracted to men, the word is to this day he's in a relationship with the young whippersnapper "Alex Holmes". He lives away from the Sidemen House but generally has much more involvement with the group than Harry.


"Emon" is the name given to the "relationship" between Ethan and Simon. This relationship is entirely fictional and set up for entertainment purposes only, in response to the theory that Ethan was homosexual.

At first, Simon was reluctant to join this relationship but has since started to call Ethan "bae".


  • As Ethan grew up in Essex, he is often stereotyped as "the dumb Essex boy" (as seen by his lack of intelligence during general knowledge games such as Trivial Pursuit). This is to be taken as a joke, as Ethan normally laughs along with it.
  • Ethan gained a C in GCSE Science. He claims this was "the only C he got".
  • Ethan once had to hide under a table while in school because his pants fell down.
  • Ethan is a supporter of West Ham United.