Ben Phillips (born October 10, 1992 (1992-10-10) [age 24]) is a Welsh YouTuber and Social Media personality.

Personal Life

Ben currently resides in Bridgend, South Wales in the United Kingdom. His social media adventure began on Vine, after he started making Vines with his then-girlfriend’s three-year-old son Harley. He could also been seen making appearances in TV advertisements for the American motor company Ford.


Ben is best known for his videos of him pranking Elliot Giles. His pranks mostly consist of Elliot becoming a victim of super glue, chillies and small TNT. At the start of every prank, Ben explains what he is about to do, and from this has gained his own catchphrase of "Sorry bro" (relating to Elliot). Once Elliot either realises what has happened or Ben has told him that it is a prank, Elliot is seen always shouting "BENNNNNN!" at the top of his voice.

Ben uploads all of his pranks to both Facebook and YouTube. On YouTube, he has gained over 128 Million views. In July 2016, Ben recieved over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and was presented with his Gold Play Button by the Vice President of YouTube. Elliot is always annoyed at Ben's fame.


Elliot Giles, the victim of all of Ben's pranks.


Besides pranks, Ben also uploads regular VLOGs to his YouTube. These are normally of his adventures with Elliot and friends including Farmer Chris, Andy, Georgina, Nana and Grandad. Some of his most popular VLOGs include a water fight, go-karting and a trip to Birmingham.

Vine Account Hack Incident

On 8th March 2015, Ben's Vine account was reportedly hacked, losing all of his Vines. Upset by the incident, Ben stated "It was like losing photo albums in a house fire". He also stated "“I’m really not bothered about the business, it’s about the memories from the last year. I know it’s the internet, but those Vines represent a journey over the last year. We’re just hoping they’re recoverable.”


Various reoccurring characters can be seen throughout Ben's pranks. Listed below are some of Ben's friends and family.

  • Elliot Giles - The step-brother of Ben and the victim of all of Ben's pranks and a fond owner of his 2008 Ford Fiesta 1.2 Style. It is revealed that Elliot is an alcoholic, a gardening enthusiast, and holds an electronic engineering diploma. He has constantly tried to prank Ben back, but has always failed. 
  • Farmer Chris - His real name is Chris Powell. He's Ben's best friend and helps Ben prank Elliot.
  • Nana & Grandad - Ben's Nan and Grandad who also live in Bridgend and make regular appearances in his VLOGs and pranks. They normally refer to Elliot as being "A disgrace to the family" and a "Pervert" thanks to Ben's pranks. In one of Ben's videos, Nana owns a pet cat named Donnelly.
  • Andy - Ben and Farmer Chris' friend who helps them to prank Elliot. 
  • Georgina - One of Ben's friends who cross dresses as 'Georgina'. Georgina helps Ben to prank Elliot, saying Georgina is Elliot's girlfriend, and later, wife.
  • Marge - An elderly lady who lives next door to Ben, who does not make many appearences and owns the cat 'Norman'. She often makes fun of Elliot, either on his weight or his actions.
  • Norman the cat - Elliot's supposedly worst enemy besides Ben, who's excrement has been faked by Ben to prank Elliot. Never shown or seen, Norman is referred to as being "A little shit" by Elliot. Norman's gender is unknown, as Marge stated she never checked. 
  • Tristan - Tristan, or Surfer Tris, is Nana and Grandad's aerobic instructor. He's also Elliot's surfing instructor. He is from South Afric and owns an Alfa Romeo MiTo.
  • Camera-Man Carl- A friend of Ben who records the pranks Ben does on Elliot. He is almost always made fun of for his height, being shorter than both Ben and Elliot, and is regularly subject to Elliot's abuse. 

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