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Benjamin Bennett is an American YouTuber who uses YouTube and Google Hangouts on Air to livestream himself sitting and smiling at the camera in his series "Sitting and Smiling".

Sitting and SmilingEdit

Each of the videos typically lasts for four hours, during which time Bennett sits patiently staring into the camera with a smile on his face. Although he made channel in December 2013, his first video (live stream) was created on 28 July 2014. A lot of people ask him why he doing that. Long time it was a mystery why he doing that, but he explained. He said that when he joined to YouTube no one had a similar channel. All he does in terms of preparation is to drink a little water and take a pee beforehand. He insists that he never gets hungry during the livestreaming, and that he doesn’t really eat much food on the days that he makes the videos. During his 5th video, someone actually broke into Ben’s house, he did not react. Benjamin said he didn’t react because whatever was going to happen in that situation would have made a great video.