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Welcome back to Ben Rants, and when I was a kid...

―Ben T. Looney

Ben Tannehill (born October 14, 1992[1]), also known as PuffyZillaman[2], Ben T. Looney and by his username Benthelooney, is a YouTuber and former ranter most known for his series, Ben Rants. In his rants, salutes and review videos, he rants on all sorts of topics; most notably, cartoons. The series originally ran from April 10, 2009 to December 19th, 2011 with very little fanfare but with the power of fan requests and Tannehill finding new topics to rant on, the series resumed on February 10, 2012. Although he quit making rants, salutes and review videos (for good this time) on December 13, 2013,[3][4] he is still making videos, mainly about his life, and is planning to make his own cartoons.

Ben's change of look

Tannehill doesn't use a camera to voice out his opinions; instead, he uses several characters (around 2010). Some of which are Ben T. Looney (the main character of Ben T. Looney and Friends), Neb and Looney T. Ben. Ben T. Looney is a Caucasian male with brown hair and a light blue hoodie. He originally was drawn by Ben himself in Microsoft Paint. Later, Ben switched to a higher quality avatar drawn by Megaman511again who is currently on deviantART.[5] It caused mixed reception, some of which thought Ben looked like a character that came out of Eddsworld.

The criticism Ben has earned

Ben has received a whole bunch of criticism from certain commentators for being a "nostalgiatard". He is considered to be a "dead topic", yet some people are still making commentaries or butt-hurt comments.


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