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BerylVenus  also Known as Beril Sergün Is A Turkish YouTuber,Twitch Streamer And A Lets Player. She Is Known Mainly Because Of Her Sims Series And Vlogs. She Usually Talks Turkish And Sometimes English In Her Videos. She Has Her Official channel: Beril Sergün And She Has An English Channel That She Doesn't Use Much: BerylVenusing


Beril Sergün is a 20+ year old YouTuber From Turkey. She Is Currently Working In The Gaming Company Bölüm Sonu Canavarı.She Is A Big Fan Of Sims Games And She has completed Lots Of Sims Challenges On Streams And Videos. She Usually Talks In A Calm Yet Energetic Way.


She Has A Tattoo That Says I Was What You Were,You Will Be What I am In Latin.

Despite Being Turkish,She's Known To Curse In English Alot.

Her Twitch Sub Song Is Thomas The Tank Engine Edited To Say pussy

She Is Married.

She Stated That She Learned To Speak And Write In English From Video Games.

In A Fan Meetup,Beril Tried To Ride A Hoverboard But Fell,After That Accident,Lots Of Fans Started Making Montage Videos Of Her Falling,That Became An Inside Joke Between Fans Of Beril.

In Her Video Titled 50 Things About Me Beril Stated That She Has Social Anxiety,She States That She Does Not Feel Comfortable When She's Around Too Crowded Places And She Wastes Alot Of Time Just To Avoid People. 

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