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BigStance is a Czech / American YouTube group channel created by Shannon Krenik and Jirka “Georgeo” Rejchlík. The two met on MeowChat in May, 2014, and created the channel as a means to meet each other.

The name “BigStance” is a reference to the distance between the two, as Krenik lives in Minnesota, USA, while Rejchlík lives in the Czech Republic, a total of about 7500 km. The two began posting videos in January 2015, and as of August 2015, the channel has 1008 subscribers and 104,000 total video views.


Both Krenik and Rejchlík post content regularly on the channel, oftentimes about cultural differences and current events. They also post about significant events, such as Rejchlík visit to Paris, and Krenik's high school graduation.