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BizarreJelly5 is a anime YouTuber who does anime reviews and top lists, and occasionally doing videos on video games. She currently has 8,600 subscribers and 820,000 video views as of June, 2018.

OKKO Anime Club

She's a member of OKKO Anime Club, as well as a member of Team BakaMeltingJelly, along with BakaShift and Animelting, in which they look at every new season of anime when they come close together, posted in three parts, each individual part posted to each of their individual channels, one right after the other.  

Good Friends on YouTube

  1. BakaShift(Alain)
  2. Animelting
  3. HappiLeeErin(Erin)
  4. LouTalksAnime(Lou)
  5. YokuramaGameTalk(Yokurama)
  6. PressHeartToContinue(Dodger)


  1. Anime & Manga Hauls
  2. Studio Gibli Reviews
  3. Figure Reviews
  4. TeamBakaMeltingJelly
  5. OKKO Anime Club