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Early Days and Information

Black Plasma Studios is a Minecraft Gaming and Animation channel run by YouTuber, Arbiter617 (David). He first started as a Halo 3 Machinama director in early March of 2008. During the Halo years, David was obsessed with the entire Halo franchise. He uploaded his first ever video explaining what a Halo Elite does when everything around him has been destroyed. The video is called "Unyielding Legion Awaits" and has received over 5 thousand views. In August of 2010, he released his first ever "Halo Game Night" video. The series contains at least nine seasons, each playlist holding more than 3 videos each. The videos last up to 1 hour or less. On July 12, 2011 David released his first Halo Reach machinama video named "Rise Of The Spartans". Going up to 9 episodes, the machinama was one of the most successful Halo Reach series' ever in the history of Halo. Everything was going well with him gaining up to at least 80,000 subscribers until he first found the popular Sweden videogame, Minecraft.

Beginning of a new Era

David gathered up with some of his old friends to play Minecraft and after a few days of single-player, he then moved on to multi-player finding out that he had found a fun minecraft server named "Hypixel Network". He was tempted to play and got on the server with amazement in his mind. He played so much that eventually he could not play Halo anymore. On July 10, 2015 David released his first ever Minecraft animation. From there the channel received many views and subscribers, so David decided to continue with the animations for many years to come.


Today, his channel has received over 400,000 subscribers and has gained many fans with the continuing Minecraft Animations that David has released to the public. His most popular video is named after a very popular Hypixel Minigame known as "Skywars". It is a game based on where you cannot be knocked off the edge by other players and have to knock them off first with snowballs, eggs, or weapons. Black Plasma Studios has a sister channel with more than 10,000 subscribers called "Black Plasma Gaming" which is based off of playing with fans of Black Plasma Studios in Skywars every Saturday in a series called "Skywars Saturday". Black Plasma Studios today is one of the most fastest growing channels on YouTube.

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