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Blaire White is a transgender YouTuber who mainly discusses politics and her satire of extreme leftist views. She was born on September 14, 1993. She was born and raised in Chico, California, and still lives there today.

YouTube History

Blaire White's first ever known appearance on YouTube, before her transition, was in two videos she made for the channel Illuminau5ty. Her video "Tuesday on Relationships" was posted to the channel June 5, 2012. Her second video was "Tuesday's Acrobatic Failure" posted June 13, 2012. The latter video is the last video ever posted on the channel.

After that video was posted, she had come to the realization that she was trans and began transitioning to female.

Blaire began her YouTube channel on November 27, 2015, but posted her first video there on December 2, 2015 called "Female Privilege | Antifeminism". Next, one of her most popular videos, "Male Victims Are Funny?" has amassed more than 225,000 total views. On December 14, 2015, she had a live stream with Theryn Meyer. She continued making videos about her life, and how she views the social movements Black Lives Matter, Feminism, and Gender Politics. She also began to make response videos to other feminist YouTubers, including Riley Jay Dennis, Milo Stewart, Philogynoir, Dakota Hendrix, MTV, and Onision.

On July 5, 2016, she made a video called "Black Lives Matter is Trash!" where she criticized a Black Lives Matter activist who derailed a vigil held for the victims of the Orlando Shooting. It caused a lot of controversy and she had faced an onslaught of Black Lives Matter activists who attacked her on social media platforms, and threatened to dox her. She had to go on a social media blackout for a few days, then came back on July 15, with a video explaining 7 reasons backing up why she thinks that Black Lives Matter is trash.

She continued making videos on current events that had been happening near the end of 2016, where she voted for Trump in the election. She says that she has big plans for 2017. She attended VidCon in June 2017 with Shoe0nHead. On July 31, 2017, she announced on her channel that she would be getting transition related surgeries, like facial feminization surgery, and took a break for a few weeks in the following August.

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