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Maurice Barnett (born October 16, 1987 (1987-10-16) [age 29]), commonly known by his YouTube name BlastphamousHD, is an American reaction YouTuber from Nevada.


Barnett was born in Compton, CA (stated in BHD story time #51 and #59). He didn't talk much about his childhood. His first channel, maurice barnett was created in Mar 2, 2008. He then created his three other channels a few years later. He then became a YouNow broadcaster in 2015. By November of that year, he had gained 1,500 fans on the broadcasting site.

He has almost 90 story times of him either getting embarrassed, almost murdered, or just plain funny story's depending on who you ask. He's played games from Five Nights At Freddy's to GTA 5. He has at least 3-4 siblings. One has a YouTube channel KT-TV. And one is currently sick.

In March of 2016, PsiSyndicate, an ARMA and DayZ gaming channel, attacked Blast for saying things about him, including that he lives in his mom's house, he does drugs, etc. When Psi made his video, Blast's fans spewed out tons of hate, fanning the flames. They made videos ranting on each-other, and supposedly settled it out on DramaAlert.

At Vidcon 2016, minnesotaboyy, a racist "so called exposer" youtuber, attacked Blast due to the things that Blast said prior to Vidcon. Minnesotaboyy was apart of a competition where the winner would win $300 and dropped out, Blast stated "If you're going to join this and say that you are the best and everyone else sucks, and complain that you're poor, then why drop out?" Minnesotaboyy would then attack Blast and threaten to kill him and his family in which Blast would wait for Vidcon for minnesotaboyy to chicken out of the fight.

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