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{{YouTuber |image = BloodMaster.png |username = Bloodmaster104 |Twitter = BloodMaster104 |Facebook = BloodMaster104 |other media = Website |style = Gaming |join date = July 2, 2011 |update = Every Day |status = Active | vids = 603+ Viktor known as BloodMaster is a Croatian gaming YouTuber.


BloodMaster started filming in 2011.At that time he wasn't so popular.He was playing MTA:DayZ,Minecraft mini-games and reviewing of snapshots.

In 2012 he made serial with who hic channel start growing and it was "Modificirani Minecraft".After that he started filming with KingsOfFailsShow wich gave he much popularity.After that he started playing some Minecraft maps such as:Hexxit,TPC Parkour,Enderbent (with KingsOfFailsShow) Skyblock and Sky Factory.

In 2014 he started filming Minecraft Preživljavanje which is now his most popular serial and which is reason he hit 100.000 subscribers in 2015.

Now he is filming Minecraft maps mini-games and Sky Factory 2

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