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Robert Llewellyn (born March 10, 1956 (1956-03-10) [age 62]) known as Bobbyllew is a British actor and Television presenter, well known for his role as Kryten in the British sci-fi programme Red Dwarf along with hosting Scrapheap Challenge on British television for 10 years. Llewellyn who also hosts a popular Web Series called Carpool where he gives fellow celebrities a lift in his Toyota Prius or Tesla. This series has now been commissioned by British TV Channel.


Dave used his channel for purposes to help others by telling them they don't need to follow the common way of things. He objects commercialism and from 24/12/2006 to 24/12/2007 he went a whole year without buying anything new to prove you don't need to buy anything that comes out in his series called Making Do. He was able to to do this and it was successful that he wrote a book about it called Sold Out! How I survived a year without shopping. Llewellyn identifies himself as a Wet Liberal and has a video series dedicated to that called Wet Liberal Whenever (formerly Wet Liberal Weekly). In that series he gives his politically incorrect and sometimes foul mouthed opinion on current news topics and how he would improve the world if he could. He often talks about cars, the enviroment, politics and Top Gear.